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Thursday, August 04, 2011

August 2011 A day at the beach

Serena is at work, so the boys took off
for Indiana..
* * * * * * *
Our water baby.
Jack loves the water and so does his dog ,

* * * * * *
He looks so grown up here.
John said he stayed in the water for 4 hours !!!

Just another day at the beach


These will be in random order.

I have had 3 painkillers since slicing my finger
on the food processor blade this afternoon.

Soaked thru 2 papertowels and 5 band aids before
it stopped bleeding ..

Bad week already-- went to the foot doctor yesterday.
 Have scar tissue from the surgey in May.
Sooo let shoot some cortisone in there to help get rid of it .
There was lots of Mothering going on and NONE
of it was very maternal sounding. WTF -- They stuff hurst.

Today went to yet another doctor .. My sinuses are like
raw meat from all of this scorching weather .. She said
she has been seeing a lot of this the past week. Oh Joy-- Now I am comon Lik eveybody else.. WTF

Oops-- I forgot to add the pictures.. Let me try to do this now .