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Friday, January 25, 2013


I have not posted all of the photos from 2012
I guess I better get busy before Serena sends me the
pictures from Jack's 7th birthday party.
 This one is from November
It was Rock out to Motley Crue night
<>   <>   <>   <>   <>
December  2012
 Serena and Jack at Build a Bear
Jack did not want a bear .He wanted Rudolph.
Rudolphs nose lights up!!
Jack is giving Rudolph a final fluff before
taking him home.

<>        <>       <>
This is the picture that Jack drew for John

Bodie got an early Christmas gift from Maa & Pa
A huge bone and it had been smoked.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Yes, we awere up before 4am.  Jack could not
wait for the sun to come up!!!
<>     <>     <>     <>     <>

The pictures are blurry because Serena's coffee maker
is not as fast as ours.
I am to shakey with out my morning coffee

This is the must have game of 2012
* * * * * *

Bodie loved having all of that  paper to
shred and nobody telling him NO !!!!
Tom got a new gas grill for Christmas .
I need to thank John for picking it up and getting
it to the house for me .
*          *          *

Maa & Pa got my Dad, John a utility knife,
and a note telling him he could not use it during the months
 of November or December.
They also got him a bunch of band aids
*   *   *   *   *   *
I have more pictures,
but am not going to post the rest of them tonight .
I will update this again in a few days !!!