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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

January 24, 2006

Happy Birthday !!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Very Soon

Serena and John are getting very close to
being parents !!
About another 2 weeks and "No Name Baby"
will make his appearance.
We are all so excited.. I cannot wait to see
our GRANDSON !!!!
I have added some pictures of Serena and the beautiful
cradle that KC & Karen made for
the newest family member.
What a wonderful heirloom.
Serena you look absolutely beautiful ...

Serena & Baby Cradle

Here are some pictures of Serena and the cradle that her
Auntie Karen & Uncle KC made for the baby.
Beautiful Serena
They are both beautiful!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I am scanning photos from one our canoe trips in 1981.
What a lot of fun memories. I wish the scanning
part was fun-but it is a lot of work. 
I need to get these photos scanned
before they fade away .
So many of the pictures are blurred and
faded. Yes, I know that a lot of the blurring
was caused by the consumption of alcoholic
beverages on these trips.. deal with it !!
When most of your friends and canoe buddies
are from the same bar that you work at ,
people should understand that these
trips are going to be a bit on the wild side.
What a crew- Me & Tom, Fran & Dee
Lynette & Sonny, Big Danny & whoever,
Teddy & whoever, Gypsy and the bitch,
Jesse and what ever woman--never mind
lets not go there. There were always a few
extra people along-- sometimes they would
go on the next trip- sometimes we never saw
them again after we got back to the city.
Once I get all of the photos scanned I will
have to post a few.
Yes, I realize that there are from
 the "olden days", but they were the fun days.
Sometimes my sister Karen would go with
us , what a riot !
Maybe someday I'll tell you about her falling
out of a tree on the camping trip..
Not tonight- it is to late and I am about
half blind from trying to figure out who the
people are in some of these photos.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


We don't go out on New Years Eve--
after working N.Y.E. for so many years, I have
enough sense to stay off the roads.
To many amateurs out there to deal with.
We had a quiet evening at home and today I am
back to scanning photos-- YES!! I am still at it ,
andTom has started building the bookcases for
my computer room.
We are getting closer to
"BABY BOY Hester's"
birthday ! ! ! !
My sleep pattern has become a real pain in the
ass again. Sleeping pills do not work -
 not even prescription ones.

I am exhausted by mid afternoon- I lay down and

sleep 20 to 30 min --(I wish it would be like 2 or
3 hours)get up exhausted and I still am awake at l
east 4 and sometimes as many as 6 times a night.
Not for long -- just wake up for 15 or 20 min
-- then back to sleep- but it is not restful .
Don't ell me give up the afternoon power naps..
I have tried that too- and all I get is
more tired and even crabbier.
Ahhhh insomnia- sleep deprivation -

chronic sleep disorder--
call it what you want--
IT SUCKS !!!!!