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Monday, October 31, 2005


We hope you have a howling good night !!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Once upon a time

This was me once upon atime .. Look how prim & proper-- white gloves and all...

Health Update

Yesterday I made a major break-thru
I went shopping and DID NOT park in handicap parking
and DID NOT ride in the electric cart to shop.
I went to 2 different stores and completed my shopping
with NO HELP !! I was exhausted when I got home
but it was still a day with no help and NO CANE !!
Look at me GO !

Monday, October 10, 2005


The heat
has finally let up. It's about time
Now the dogs are tag teaming me. That means I spend the day playing
dog out - dog in
We took the 4 wheeler and went to Wooster for a ride and we took the fur babies with us.
They had a great time- running, chasing, swimming. Here is Foster swimming while the guys are busting out the beaver damn.She is our water baby- she loves to swim.
Now Smokey is another story-- he likes to lay around and
watch the guys work-- it is still to hot for him.
I hope we can go again next weekend .
This weekend Tom painted my computer room- It is now periwinkle.
He is going to build bookcases for this room, so for once I will
have all of my books in ONE place.
Right now they are in the closet, under the bed or in boxes
in boxes.