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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jellystone Park in Van Buren Missouri

Jellystone Park Campground
Van Buren, MO
June 2011
* * * * * *
( Just so you know - you can
click on any of the pictures and make them
B I G G E R )
This is our family vaction for 2011
Maa & Pa have a camper trailer
that is big enough for all of us ,
 Yes, that means Bodie too
<>   <>   <>   <>   <>

This is ME, Jack, my dog Bodie
and the best Pa in the whole wide world.
* * * * * * * * * *

One morning we went up to the flag pole to help
Yogi raise the flag and say the
Pledge of Allegiance.
I got to help Yogi that day .
I was soooo proud.
Then we had a biscuit throwing contest.
I won in my age division  and got a GOLD MEDAL.
(But Bodie ate my biscuit after I threw it,
crazy dang dog - but I love him)

This is me and my Mom.
We were waiting for the ladies to show
up and show us how to tie dye a t-shirt for me.


My Dad bought a canoe , but he forgot to get a life jacket
for Mom . I had one so I was good to go.
If you click on the picture , you can see Bodie in the canoe.
This is on the Current River, but it was
not such a  great canoe trip.. It started raining,
and my Maa kept saying something about she was a giant
lightening rod out there in the river.
Something about metal in her body.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

When we got to the park, Priscilla gave my Maa a
bag of sand and said there were "treasures" in it.

So one day , me & Maa & Pa went up
to what they called a "panning" place ,
even tho there were no pans .
It was a box with a screen in the bottom.
You pour some of the sand and then shake it
around in the water and ya know what ??

You find DIAMONDS and gold and green and blue stones

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
When we were sitting in camp, this is what we
saw all the time

Oops-- more "mining pictures"

The whole family , yes Bodie too
went up by the Ranger Station and they were having a
BB gun shooting contest.
I got to shoot a couple of times and I got a medal !!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Waiting for the shooting to begin we
decided to play at the park for a while
Most of the guys sitting at the table with me
were staying right in the next campsite.
We played a lot !!
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Let The Games Begin !!!!

This is me !!!
My Maa & Pa say Mom is a really good shot , so I
must have got that from her.
This is sooooooooooo much fun !!!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

* * * * * *
Darn,  It is time to go home ,
 BUT  Maa & Pa said we could do this again !!

What is this ???

This BIG UGLY bug was on my Dad's shoe .

Oh I almost forgot .. Here is the
shirt I made
It is really cool!!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
My Maa really like the way this tree looked

* * * * * * * * * * *

Here is my Mom cooking outside .
this house on wheels is cool
TV, DVD, outside speaker,
a fridge to keep my maa juice cold
and the table turns into a bed for my Dad to sleep on
and me and Mom slept on a couch that bent in half and
turned into a bed . Can you believe it ?!?!?!

Bodie slept on the floor by my Maa's side
of the bed.
Mom kept saying something about a
Bodie whisperer.. I don't get it ?!?!
My Maa is sooo proud of this picture.
She says now she can prove that Pa had a day that
he did not have to do anything except relax.
+  +  +  +  +  +  +  + 
Hey, here is me and my Dad in the canoe.
I hope that is not an alligator in the water !!!!
I just love this dang dog !!

* * * * * * * *

Bed time and my GG Bernice made this
pillowcase for me !!!  I LOVE it
{ * }  { }  {  }  { * }

ME and Dad in the canoe again
OMG-- Yogi and me on a HEY RIDE !!
Can you believe it ????
We ride around the camp and say
HEY to all the campers..
One night Ranger Jeff did a special shout to
my Maa when we drove by our camp.. She was sooo surprised !!

I had lots of fun with the people that live at JellyStone
Priscilla & Jeff
Neil & Lillie
and especially to my
new friend from China
Jing Ning .
and last but not least
Y O G I !!
I love you YOGI !!
* * * * *

Here I am waiting for another HEY RIDE !!
I love these things !!!
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
My dad, setting up a little tent for
me to play in.

Who is kidding ? We have an
air conditioned house on wheels !!

&lt;>   &lt;>   &lt;>   &lt;>

I cannot wait until our NEXT camping trip !!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

May / June 2011

Yes, it has been awhile since I have added anything to the blog.
* * * *
Where to begin???
How about the fact that I had surgery on
both feet on May 4th and I am still trying to get over that ??
Being completely off of my feet for 3 weeks was
a major pain in the ass.
* * * * *
My BFF Teresa's husband Marty died on May 5th .
He always has to one - up me
Some things never change.
She is doing okay considering that they had a 40+ year
history and for the past 2 she has been a full time care giver to him
He was in so much pain,that it was really time
for him to pass.
Nobody deserves to be in that much pain
for any reason.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Jack graduated from Pre- School and will
be going to kindergarten in Sept.
He will be in school all day. Serena will not
know what to do with so much extra time ..
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Time for me to begin foraging for
the evening meal, and must
also finish sculpting the Trevi Fountain in the dust
that has acumulated in the house.