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Friday, June 22, 2007

June 2007

Eric,Tif, Sam & Elizabeth

Gary,Nina & Kaela


Gary & Kaela

Our grand - nieces, Samantha & Tiffany
came from Illinois for a visit .
They are almost 17 years old .
I remember when they were little tiny girls that
were afraid of Cruella
from the movie 101 Dalmations.

The fluffy bracelet that Sam was making

She finished it before she went home

This if Tif's bracelet


They did a little shopping while they were here.

The shopping was done in between card games

and beading


Samantha getting ready for another canasta game

This kid is a card shark, We need to take her to Vegas when

she is old enough.

Sam in Red. Tiffany in white t-shirt

Sam's bracelets
She made these during her visit

Another picture of Sam's bracelets .Tiffany modeling her new sunglasses

Notice the Armani styling ...

We had a lot of fun while they were here and I just want to

thank Jenny for the yummy spaghetti sauce and the Portillo's .

YUM !!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More photos from Texas

Yes, this is me in my car again...
After a couple of times, I did not need
any help with this slide thing

A man and his car is a beautiful thing

Look !!! A starfish !!!

I love my Mom , but I'll be glad
when I can go in the deep water by MYSELF !!

Jack's First Car

This entry will have to come in sections..
I have many many things to do today.

Tom is getting ready to leave again,
our nieces are coming to visit and I
will drive out to Greenbrier, they are at their
Great Grandmothers right now.
I don't know what I will do to keep two 16 years olds
busy.. I am sure we will find something fun to do.


I need to go grocery shopping this morning,plus
I need to stop and see Miss Bernice.. She is
having a rough time right now . I can't make her better
but maybe I can make her laugh.


Now for the info on Jack.
He is learning more new words.
Burp, more, some,and
HELLO. He is working on
"love you". It is very mumbled right now , but we
know what he means .
He also gives the best hugs and kisses !!!


Jack likes to watch the movie "Happy Feet",
thank you Grandpa...

Daddy had to go to California, because his grandpa died.
I'm not sure what that means , but it made my
Daddy sad. I will give Daddy hugs and
kisses when he gets home to make him happy again.
Grandma & Grandpa brought me some
fun toys for the backyard

Daddy was building cabinets for the big room
and I was helping him re-wire stuff.
I am really a good helper-- Grandma said so.
This wiring thing isn't so tough.
Grandma & Grandpa got me my first car !!

Then they thought that the slide would
work better in my pool. They were
right again !!

More later - Grandma took a lot of pictures this time

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Recorded books and other things

We just got home from Texas and we are feeling sad .
It is hard to leave Jack, he has grown soo
much and has new words, but more
about that later.
This is a warning to those of you that get recorded
books for your road trips.
We (I) picked up "To The Nines"
by Janet Evanovich-
performed (?) by C.J. Critt
Let me tell you, this CJ Critt is almost
enough to make me forget about recorded books.
She has an annoying voice, think nails on a
blackboard or styrofoam rubbing against the
interior of your car.
Her use of "dialect" is a joke.
She made the grandmother sound like Gilbert Gottfreid.
and made the main character sound like a cross
between a valley girl and warped Penny Marshall cd.
And the old Italian lady sounded like a nasaly impaired road
company gypsy. I grew up in an Italian neighbornhood
and have NEVER heard that accent - E V E R !!!
Jeez, I will write this name down and NEVER
get another recorded book if her name is on it .
IS it just me or are any of you noticing
the quality of semi drivers on the road?
Now since they cannot run 90 mph due to
black boxes in the trucks they find other
things to do instead of focusing on the road..
You see them with cell phones, radios,
tv's and we have all heard (and seen proof)
of the piss bottles that they use while driving.
I think if they are caught with the piss bottle they
should lose their CDL's. How much time would they lose
by stopping to pee like a normal human???
Seeing those containers of piss in the rest areas is
I am so sick of seeing these "professionals" weaving
all over the roads while trying to multi-task.
Drive like your life
on it ..

Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer is here - June 2, 2007

June 2,2007
I went to the farm with Tom - he has spent
every weekend busting out the beaver dams.
It seems he is winning the battle
for now .
Tom thinks there is a possibility
that there are gators out there.
Hope they eat the beavers.
Tom tearing the damn apart
Dragonflies doing what comes natural ???
Now he is down to the clay
center of this dam.
 This is NOT the only dam at the farm
   _   _   _  

A pale blue dragonfly