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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colorado Visit - July 2012

Tooth Fairy rides again

The tooth fairy was busy last night
She left a shiny SILVER DOLLAR in the tooth box
August 29,2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jack's first day of school and you
can tell by the look on his face that something is not right.
( He is wearing red sweatshirt , tan shorts and black backpack)
His comment to Serena & John
"Thanks for not letting me have recess"
They got to the playground just as the bell to line up was triggered.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home from the British Virgin Islands

We are back from the vacation that I won.
We went to Tortola, British Virgin Islands
compliments of Fandango and Warner Brothers

The place we stayed has a couple of different names:
Sebastian's by the Sea
Sebastian's Villas
Sebastian's on the Beach
*   *   * 
(Click on photos to enlarge them)
The view from our room.
What a great place to wake up
Ocean sounds and perfect weather

* * * *
There are some HUGE rocks under the water

* * * * *
When looking to your right coming out of our room
(which was 4 steps down to the ocean)
You could see Carrot Bay - the place of the "music festival" and I used
the term "music" very lightly..
The speakers had to be the size of  1967 Buicks and the bands knew
2 songs. Yes count them 2.  They started playing at noon and
finished up at 3:30 a.m.
We were lucky , we were leaving the next day, others were
scheduled to stay another 10 to 12 days .
 * * * * *

Tom relaxing on the patio after a rough morning  of
warm water therapy.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

* * * * *
There are poisionous trees on the islands
Fruit from the tree looks like crab apple and
some say sweeter than crabapple,
that is AFTER they get out of
the emergency room because the ate the machineel fruit

<>   <>   <>

This is the view from 1/2 way down the hill
on the road to Long Bay Beach.
The roads on Tortola are SCARY!!!!

* * * *

We went to Soper Hole Marina to pick up supplies.
(Cheetos and Sierra Mist)
While I was checking out the "VERY EXPEN$IVE $hopping"
Tom was looking at the boat.. He found one that is registered
in Fort Collins, Colorado

* * * * * 

This is just to show you how far we had to walk
to go swimming

< > < > < > < >

Another day at the beach

* * * *

Tom working on afternoon warm water elbow therapy

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Morning  view of Jost Van Dyke

* * * * *

Breakfast , lunch and dinner

<>  <>  <>  <> 

The ONLY time I remembered to take a
picture of the food .
Everything was PERFECT !!!

**  **  **  **

The courtyard between the hotel and the restaurant

 When we arrived at Beef Island airport we  were greeted by a
member of the BVI Tourism Board. 
They took us to a private room with drinks and TV while the
took care of claiming our luggage and taking care of customs for us.  
* * * *
So this trip is now a memory ,
 but I am working on trying to  win a
trip to either
Italy or the Galapagos.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Visitors from England

Some of Tuckers family came from
England for a visit..
On their list of  "to do's"
Ride a 4 wheeler in the mud
 maybe get to try some target practice.

I have pictures of the
"Mud Fest"
 for your  viewing pleasure.

Elliott and Tony

* * * *

 * * * * *

<>  <>  <>  <>

Making an Arkansas Mud Pie
 * * *   * * *
Elloitt joined the Soggy Bottom Club