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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The great climbing adventure

What ?? I'm just sitting here ..

She finally quit staring at me !!

Now is my chance


Jeez Ma, ReeLaaax

It's only a flight of stairs.

May 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dining out ( by Jack)

Soooo , Mom & Dad & Nona say were are going
out to eat . Wahooo refried beans and chicken tacos !!!
Well this must be one of those 3 eyed
chickens with deformed feet.
I have NEVER seen food like this !!
Hmm , Maybe this isn't the food.
Oh I see, It must be my fork.

Yep, it a weird fork

More later ...

My trip to California (By Jack)

We went to California to visit Nona

That is my Dad's mother

I went to my 1st baseball game

This is me and my Dad


Me with my Mom & Dad
at the baseball game
(watch your hands Dad)

That stuff feels yucky

Don't ya have any Mac 'n Cheese

Yep - thats me on the field !!

Just like a ballplayer


This is a Really B I G yard !!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sooo I went to the doctor (again)

Another 2 weeks in this cam walker (cast)
but at least no surgery . I am about to lose
my mind with this thing on. I am very
limited on clothing I can wear with this stupid thing ..

And if I don't wear the correct kind of shoe on my
left foot, I walk like a duck stuck on a side
of a hill.

The good news is , the doctor told me to bring a
right shoe when I go back for my next visit
on May 27th.
My first online Tupperware party is not going
as well as I had hoped..
I don't have any new pictures of Jack
so I am reposting on from last October.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Serena called from Fresno this morning ,
with a bit of information for us .


Jack woke up bright and early as usual..
as ususal he was say down down
wanting to get off of the bed .Finally

Serena said okay down down and with that Jack
slid off of the bed .. He then laid flat in the floor
and was saying Sssnnake-- sssnake.


Serena was a little concerned because the back
door had been open all day yesterday.

She looks down , Jack looks up at
her and smiles and says



You got it , he was pretending to

be a SSSSnnnaake



My Tupperware email address:

Kentucky Derby

As usual I watched the Kentucky Derby

but yesterday was a sad sad day.


I had picked my horses and Eight Belles

was my choice of winner and she ran for

all she was worth. What a beautiful

creature , only to cross the finish line

in 2nd place and collapse.. Both of her

front ankles had broken.

My heart was broken , not because of the race

results, but because such a magnificent

creature had to be euthanized.


She was in my dreams last night and I am still

very sad this morning.




(You really showed the boys

how to run !!)

Friday, May 02, 2008


Yet another addition to my fucking handitard wardrobe That's right -- another cast
I am sooo sick of being in pain ,
I just wish it would end .
I have not had a good day for so long that
I don't remember what it feels like to
be pain free or to be happy.
I guess because I feel bad ,that
is why I was given such a shitty hair cut .
She probable figured it didn't matter what
my hair looks like since the rest of me is a fucking wreck.
Just Mother Earths way of telling me to
get the hell off of her space isn't it ??
I am sick of being stuck in the house ,
my only conversations anymore consists of me say
move . Move , MOVE
to the dogs.
I can't get out of the house , can't do anything while I
am stuck here ..
Hell just like living in
greenbrier isn't it .....
Nothing to do , nobody to talk to
Isn't this FUN