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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sick Bastard

I don't know who the sick bastard is that came up with this
prep drink for a colonoscopy, But He /She should be
made to drink this foul smelling cousin of dish soap
every day of his/her life !!
* * *
This HalfLytely sludge
smells like an old slimey pond that has
been laced with flat 7-upflat
* *
As if going without even a piece of toast since 9pm last
night(Tuesday nite) wasn't bad enough, all I get is
this slime in a cup.
8 ounces every 10 min.
It is now 6:45 Wednesday and I will get
NOTHING solid until
11am tomorrow ..
* * * *
Not nice to screw with a diabetic this way.
Beef bouillon my ass..
Puked that up pretty quick.
Okay lets try the chicken..
YUK-- but lost only about 1/2 of it .
* * * *
No meds today - so I am a bit shakey
and a whole lot bitchy.
* * *
This won't be happening again .
I cannot believe that Tom went thru
this 3 times and did not kill something
or somebody.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My dad is home from work and we are going to the SPORT STORE
I have been to the golf store - but this must be something new

( See the cool shades my Maa & Pa got for me ?)


Peace Out

Soo this is what you get from a sport store ?!?
These shoes are H E A V Y !!

My Dad says he used to skate
and hit a puck on the ICE.
What's a puck???




Okay, I'll try to walk in these strange
ice skating shoes .

WHOA-- look at me ,,
I CAN stand in these !!
Where's the ice ??

I need to find 5 more guys ( or girls)to
lace up and hit the ice with me .
( No this is not me and my Dad- but
I think you will be seeing picture like this of
us pretty soon.)

I am not sure what these hand signals mean,
but I have seen other people use them when something
is not quite right .


I'll keep ya updated
on my progress if I ever
see any ice in Texas.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'll be sooo glad when we are done with the Wooster House.
* * * * ** *
Every weekend
It is getting O L D !!!
* * *
Start one project and something else needs to be fixed.
Get that fixed and notice that the ceiling is sucking
paint like a sponge. So Tom has to paint it AGAIN.
The kitchen walls are no better .
* * *
He had Jerry out because of the A/C
The damn thing had him baffled too
They finally figured it out and guess what??
YEP, More $$ to get more parts
* * *
This house is now up to about $2000
cost for repairs and so on,
plus the amount of hours Tom has had to
put in out there .
Paint, ceiling repair, tear old ugly sagging cabinet out,
buy new cabinets , hang cabinets,
parts for a/c , repair man for a/c, old dishwasher out ,
new dishwasher in, buy auger to dig post holes , dig hole for
fence posts , buy fence post, install fence posts,
need to get gate .
Buy copper for leaking propane tank, dig trench to bury
copper, find out copper flanges is wrong size, buy flange kit,
lets not forget buying new hoses for dishwasher , since the
freaking mice have chewed up everything they can get their nasty
little teeth on , 12 containers of d-con to get rid of critters ( again).
Now let$ not forget about the amout of propane that
was lo$t due to the leak ..
My contribution to all of this has been mowing the yard
again and again and again. Washing walls and cabinets ,
painting cabinets, washing curtains and rehanging them.
I am useless when it come to lifting or carrying.
I am going to get out there this weekend and trim
those damned pine trees on the property line .
They are taking over everything !!!
* * * * * *
Owning a rental house , PRICELESS??

Monday, May 18, 2009

Marc and other things

I just bought my ticket for Denver ..
Marc will be going home on June 20
I don't know if I am ready for this
My heart still aches when I see his pictures.
* * * * *
Now on to happier things
( remember -- Jack is 3 years and 4 months old )
* * * * * *
Serena just called and Jack got on the phone .
He wanted to tell me his phone number .
Yes, he got it right .
Serena said she wrote it down , and had him read it to her
a couple of times and now he knows his phone number without
seeing the piece of paper .
* * *
He is soooo smart ..
(just like his Maa) lol

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm ready for the race !**************************
Nobody told me Iwould have to qualify ...
She thinks she is faster because she is bigger ********************
they can't even stay on the track


WHOA !! Where did she come from ???

She's a wild one ..I like that


Chilling after coming off the track


Okay , now what are we going to do ???

I'm bored now



That one wilted the flower I got for Mom
Now this is what I
call "chillin"

What color did you get ?


After seeing these pictures, how could anybody

say school isn't fun.

Monday, May 11, 2009


This has been the day from HELL
* * * * * *
First Tom was feeling blah--well that's not quite right
He was feeling like Hell.. Lot of pain in his back.
He went to work anyway-- at 8:25, I hear the front door
being unlocked and there he is . Looking like HELL.
Pale white, walking almost doubled over.
He went to bed and I threw the down comforter over him
because he was freezing and in intense pain.
We had an appointment at 10:30.
I woke him up at 10:00 - he got up and said
"I feel better , call the doctor and cancel..
* * * *
We get to the Dr. office and the nurse won't even look
at me . More about that later.
They checked Tom out , got their bodily fluids and
sent us home . By the time we got home there was a message ,
that yes, he has a kidney stone. This is not his first
time with this kind of problem.
Kidney stones has a history of rolling around , making a
person wish to be unconsious and then just as
quickly, the stone finds a place to rest for a while and the
pain is gone . Until the next time .
* * * * *
Back to the nurse.. I had requested my medical records on
April 29th.. I called the office on May1-- no they had not gotten
around to getting the letter that I need to see a specialist, or
made copies of my records .Fine -I called back on the 5th--nope
still no letter or files, No I could not talk to the doctor. He does not
talk on the phone .
May 7th- I called again -- "What exactly is it that you need?"
* * * * *
WTF!!! I faxed the info request to you , have called and
all you people have done is blow smoke up my ass. Now I am pissed.
So this morning after the doctor gets done with Tom, we had
a little TALK.
He tell me , I'm sorry you are upset, I told him ,
I am beyond upset,
I AM PISSED and I want my files N O W !!!
* * *
So after we have been home a while they call and say my
files are ready. I get back in my truck and go back to the office.
I start readingthe file (Now mind you, they did not give me
any of the info I had requested, EKG results, echocardiogram reading)
and also states in my file that I have had a hysteroctomy,
(I have not ), that my tonsil are ok ( hmm -didn't realize he had them- since they
were removed in 1969) and that
I am an ANGRY NORTHERNER. What the
hell does that have to do with my medical history??
* * *
So now I am REALLY pissed. Back on the phone and
told that that I wanted the heart test results N O W>
Back in my truck, back to the office and get the results.
* *
I will be interviewing a new doctor tomorrow.
And will be writing a letter to the AMA

Thursday, May 07, 2009

More photos..

Our house is sadly quiet today
Serena & Jack went home yesterday
* * * * *
I woke up to find these pictures in my email this morning .
* * * * * * *
I'm going to see my Maa & Pa in Arkansas
I have been missing my Pa
a bunch. I have not seen him
since my birthday party
* * * *
One of my favorite days
I love TRAINS !!!
* * * *
Buddy is sooo funny
He tickles me with his tail ..

* * * * *
I finally got to see my farm.
Me and my Pa have a lot of work to do


Monday, May 04, 2009

Another Busy Day

Here I am with my Pa at our farm.
This is my first "BIG TRACTOR" driving lesson
* * * *
You guessed it , I have learned to steer,
lower and raise the bucket
and next I'm going to learn to dig post hole.******************
Now we are on our way to another part of our farm
to smooth out a rough spot in the driveway
Hey, I'm pretty darm good at this farming stuff !!

See what I mean -- I am steering !!

I guess Pa was right - a farmers work
its never completely done .

Today has been a great day, I got to drive tractor , I got to see a
bunny and a big white duck and a horse.
Farms are really FUN PLACES !!
Next time we go to the farm, me and Pa
are going to plant pecans and have them
turn into trees !! Can you believe that.
Nuts you eat - turn into TREES !!!


Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm soooo excited

Hey , It's me

* * *
Today is one of the best days EVER !!!

* * * *

First I helped Pa put together a BIG
tv cabinet that my Maa bought. Tucker
and Cole helped Pa carry it in.

* * *

Then I gave the puppys their
morning cookies and then Pa
said we were going to go someplace

* * *

So everybody got dressed and that includes
some sweatshirts because it is only 62 degrees
here.. Mom keeps saying "ENJOY IT "
I don't understand ?!?!?!

Anyway , back to my special

First we got in Maa's truck and we went
to McDonalds !! I love that place.
But we did not go in.
We ate in the truck !!

Oh my goodness!!

Then we drove some more and we went all the
way to Little Rock. We pulled up behind this big building
and there was a train , just rolling right past us.. OMG !!
I was sooo excited !!

Can you believe how close we are to those trains ???

Then about 10 min later we heard another train coming and

we jumped out of the truck and ran up to the fence place

and here come a HUMONGOUS engine .. .


The engineer waved and me and he blew the whistle too !!

This really is the best day even if it is raining AGAIN

And then - can you believe it

A third train ..

* * * *

All of these trains in one day !!

The third train blew the whistle 3 times ..

How did he know I am "THREE"? ? ?

* * * *

We stopped at the store on the way home and

I waitied in the truck with Maa-Pa while Mom

when in the store .It was still raining .

Then my cup of Maa juice ( sprite) spilled in

the back seat.

Maa & Pa said we could clean it when we got home .

Maa-Pa said "accidents happen"

I was sad.. But I am better now.

More later

Love , Jack

Friday, May 01, 2009

Newest Picture

Please -- no pictures while I am working out ...
I am almost done now -
can't pedal the olld man around all night ***********
I LOVE my work gloves that Maa & Pa got for me !!
I even wore them to Wal-Mart


I told you there would be pictures