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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Laughable Memories...

Many years ago when my daughter was very young and I was a struggling single mom working 2 jobs-- darling daughter asked for a baby sister..

I gave her the Sears catalog and told her to pick one out and I would order it . She was way to young (3) for "the talk". She picked a baby, I pretended to call and place the order. About 3 days later she asked where's the baby.. I told her it was backordered.

Unfortunately, my fridge was not working right and yep, you guessed it -- I called Sears to come out for repair.The guy knocks and yell "SEARS" and my daughter went WILD !!!
The baby is here, the baby is here!! OMG !! Now what?????
She was making this poor guy crazy with questions -- I explained rather quickly to him what was going on.. He told her he was the house inspector and had to make sure the fridge was cold enough to keep milk for the baby.. He played the part so well..
He pronounce the fridge fine for baby milk and told her that he would go back and tell them we were ready for "our Baby".. He also told her that there were a LOT of people that did not have even one baby yet, so we were very far down on the list.

Bless the Sears repairman....