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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Summertime ......

Summer is here - and she is pissed-- It is hot , humid and miserable .. I hide in the house a lot!!

Smokey (our husky/malamute) must be chased out the door. I think he would
rather explode that walk out in this heat.
Foster-( golden retriever/stranger in the night) is loving this weather.She is our
summer girl.
Ahhhh.. Arkansas-- "Land of the Air You Can Wear"

It is going to be a busy summer- weddings every time we turn around ..
Only one in state.Oh well, a vaction is a vacation- no matter where it may take you.....
after all "Life is a Journey".
I hope this knee surgery will not keep me from making these trips..
My Best Friends son is getting married in August - and we would like to
attend the wedding and then spend a few days in Chicago, visit family and
do touristy stuff. Aquarium, Science & Industy, Portillos, Ricobenes... What
is a trip to Chicago without a"food frenzy"?????