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Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Vacation

This year we took vacation early.  Sandy came down from Chicago to puppy sit and
me and Tom loaded the camper and headed east .
1st stop was Gulf Shores Alabama
This was the most interesting thing at the campground. If you cannot
 read the sign, click on it to enlarge it.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
 We took a site seeing drive to Fort Morgan,AL.
It was pretty close to the camp ground.
It would have been better if there had been employees around to
tell you the history of the fort , or just to answer questions.
Fort Morgan is a historic masonry star fort at the mouth
of Mobile Bay, Alabama.
Fort Morgan was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960.[2][9]
In 2007 it was listed as "one of the nation's 10 most endangered battle sites"

Amazing that a structure that was built in the 1880's has been
able to withstand all of the storms ...


* * * * * *
A door way dug into the side of a hill at the fort

 More pictures to follow later , and also the story about spending
one morning in urgent care while in Alabama

A day at the pier
Actually it was more like 45min.
It was windy and very cool..
I love this sculpture
 On this pier , they have lines painted and people must leave
their coolers  and other equipment inside the lines.
That way others ( like us) can walk around and 
watch them fish.  
It is like an obstable course  trying to stay out of the
way of people casting .  It is really a challenge to make it
around without getting hooked..
 Yes , that is me .
What a concept, a picture of me on vaation

Looking for a free meal
 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Guess this guy did not read the sign
<>   <>   <>   <>
Pretty waves, but to cold & windy to swim

 <<>>  <<>>  <<>>
Maybe next time we will get to spend the day on the sand