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Friday, September 28, 2007


Happy Birthday Tom The dogs FINALLY let us sleep all night

and look what happens
This had to be done by someone the dogs know

Then he finds the signs that

blames it on Jack !!

We know that Jack was not here last night

because we did not hear burping

or NO NO NO !!

Tom says payback will be wicked..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crap... I am wide awake -- to late to take a sleeping pill-
can't clean the house because I will wake Tom..
So here I sit in my periwinkle computer room
staring at the screen.

I have polished my nails , read a couple of chapters
in a very boring book,cut yarns & ribbons to make
a couple of necklaces, I am out of quiet things to do..

I have battled insomnia since I was in high school--
yes that was when dinosaurs still roamed the earth..
Sometimes it is only one night sometimes it goes
on for 3 or 4 days and then things start to get very very ugly

Thursday, September 20, 2007

More from Texas

Reno --
We went to a couple of casinos and made our
donations.. Actually Tom did much better than I did
this time . At one point I was up about $50 and then
this guy sat down next to me and I swear he
sucked all of the luck out of the air .. He was a
very negative energy person.. YUK!!


While at Bob & Linda's we played dominos
and just relaxed and did a little shopping .
Of course ..

After getting back home , I turned around and
flew back to Houston on Wednesday.
Serena's subdivision was having its semi annual
garage sale weekend and I went to help and to
shop. I screwed around all morning and
by the time I got around to going "junking"
most of the sales were over. Just as well,

How would I have gotten my treasures home??


Serena & John's friend Risa stopped by- she brought this

Bronco's shirt for Jack.. Hell yes , hes a Bronco fan.


While I was there I taught Jack a few new things.

That's what grandparents are for.
We were playing a chasing game and I finally sat down

on the couch.. Jack made a beeline to get on my lap

and as Serena was "sneaking " up to scare us

I put my hand up and said

"NO NO NO" and she stopped..

So of course Jack picked that up instantly.

So the next day when we went out to eat, the
waitress came up and started to remove the plates
and Jack let her know that he was not done..

With his best "mean face" he put up his finger

and told her "NO NO NO" when she asked if she

could remove the plates..
Tooo funny !!!

What ????




circle, star, oval,

bird,book,milk, juice,

HE cannot say airplane,

so he signs for airplane.

And last and certainly not least

He is singing !!!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

it is somewhat mumbled, but certain words are

very clear and he has the melody.

John sings that to him at night when it is Johns turn to

put him to bed.


Time to mow the lawn.

I have to be the man of the house

when my Dad is at work !!


I hope I get a riding mower for my birthday


Finally done -- time to kick back

and have a juice box...


I am finally getting around to updating the blog..

I have been reminded that nothing new has

been posted in a while,

so here goes.


We left for Reno on Sept 6 -

spent a night in Houston

at Serenas. Flights just worked

out better that way.. When you fly stand by -

you go when you can.

Jack was very happy to see his Grandpa


Friday morning Bob & Linda picked us up at the

Reno airport and we were off to breakfast.

That was a good thing , because my

banana and muffin breakfast was

wearing very very thin. .

Later Linda & I went to a bead shop,

oh yes, I got in trouble there. But I have

some beautiful new beads to work with.

Saturday we went to dinner with some of

their friends . It was nice to finally put a

face with the names. AND it was very good

to have all you can eat King Crab legs. YUM !!

Our trip was over way to soon and we were on

our way back to Houston.

Spent the night at Serenas again and had

another night with Jack. I am wondering if she

feels like she can drive to the airport blindfolded??


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19 Sept 2007

19 Sept 2007
This is/was the house
across the street from ours.
This house is 3 years old, the same
age as our house .

This is all that is left ..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Home from Texas (again)

Yes, I know , I was only home one day before
I went back.
I have new pictures but am way to
tired to post them tonight, or tell
you about our trip to Reno last week.
I will work on this tomorrow .
after I get home from Curves.
Yes, I am still trying to get
into a regular exercise routine
More tomorrow

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

How did I miss the announcement that is
was take your whiny, ill mannered
children out to dinner day ??
We went to Red Lobster to use our gift
certificates and I swear every
whiny child in North Little Rock was
atthe restaurant. I realize that
children need to practice their dining out
skills , but I think maybe McDonalds or
Corky's Bar B Q would be a better place
to start them..
The parents need to teach the children
that sitting in a chair is REQUIRED and
then the parents need to teach these
children to use the correct utensil
for different foods.
Nothing fancy--
Just the basics
Spoons are to be used for soups,
forks for salads and main course
and how to hold a knife the correct
way. Not with your elbow up in the air ..
There was a boy about 9 years old that was
eating salad with a spoon, and it looked like
the child took his dining skills class at a
local prison.The child had the spoon
in a fist grip and was shoveling in food
faster than he could chew.
What did the parent do??
Also , if your child is whining, screaming
or talking in a voice that could be heard
over the sound of a jet, you might want
to teach themto use an quieter voice
when in a restaurant. And if your
6 month old is screaming, do us all a favor
and take the child outside or to the
restroom until the child settles down.
Some of us actually like to have
conversations with the person we are
dining with, and your screaming kid makes
it almost impossible .
I am not anti - children--
I am anti -misbehaving children
I don't blame the children
I blame the parents with the give a shit