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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Planning for cooler summers

While visiting Serena and suffering with the
Texas heat,we started discussing ways to
stay cooler or places to live that did not
feel like living in hell during the summer.


She suggested Wisconsin
(the dairy state)


I asked her what we were all going to do and
she said own and work in a cheese shop

We all know how much Serena loves CHEESE.


She says she hates people so I would have to

work up front, Tom & John would have to milk the

cows and make the cheese, and

that she would work in the back and

"Cut the Cheese"

Okay , I guess you had to be there

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have a new POOL !!!!

It's the hose -- REALLY it is
Let go Mom --
I need to practice for the Olympics
Hmmm- I wonder if I could stand up
on the top and practice my diving?
(Mom & Grandma both said NO !)
While Grandma was here we went to Chuy's
for dinner , YUM !! But I am unhappy
because Grandma did not make her yummy
french toast. She promised she would make it the
next time. So I know she will be back because
she would never break a promise to me . Plus I
was sad because Grandpa Tom did not get
to visit this time, but somebody has to keep the
firetrucks going so the firefighters are safe .
Now a word from me :

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Home From Texas

Action pictures are a little rough when somebody
forgets to set the camera for sports..
I will post pictures from my trip tomorrow.
It is too late today to mess with this .**********************
I traded one hotter than hell city for another.
It was sooo hot in Texas that we were pretty much
trapped in the house. Swimming came just before sundown.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MILESTONE for Ian Schenkel

Ian Schenkel proudly announces that he can now
ride his bike without training wheels.
(Story written by Marc Schenkel)
With the help of that really super cool dad of
his and the tennis courts behind our apartment,
Master Schenkel has taken the first steps of two wheel
riding and did so in about a half an hour!!
Motivated by the desire to be able to roll out with
his friends and not wanting to be embarrassed by
the training wheels, he took on the challenge
with fierce determination.

In fact I even askead him if he wanted to call it
day, but he looked at me, face flush, hair
sticky with sweat, legs tired, hands red with
the imprint of his handlebar grips
and said with all seriousness
“Dad, I’m staying to learn how to
balance so I can ride with my friends and I am
not going to quit until I do”.

With a mission statement like that what could I do?
I went and found my bike and rode with him.
So we rode around the apartments, down the bike

path and with his buddies for a very long time.
I had to make him stop, he was so tired,
but he didn’t care. I think he would have ridden all night.

Marc ( proud Dad)
Cell phone photos
Rough Life .....
Parker-- Puppy Supreme

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