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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another day - stuck in this house
Let the dogs out let the dogs in .
Yep that sums up my life now that we live in Arkansas

Thursday, June 26, 2008

America's Next Baseball Legend

I was doing "GUY STUFF " with my Dad today.
He bought me this really cool glove !!!
OKay -- come on Dad , throw me the ball !!
*************** It mine -- stay back
**** Come on -- put that pea right in here !!!

Told ya I GOT IT !!!

Jeter's got nothing on me


Heads Up ole man

Get a load of this bazooka !!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1st Trip to the movies

Me and Mom & Dad went to the movies today
It is a REALLLY big place and there are lot
of people and this place smells GOOD
We did not see the GREEN MAN movie
Do you think he looks like my Dad ???

*****I learned this move from PO
the Kung Fun Panda

I was my Mom's date and I made sure
she did not get scared

Hey Dad-- how good is your Kung Fu now ???


We had a really good time and I think we

are going to do this again.. Did you know

that the stairs at this place

have LIGHTS on them .. WOW!!


B 12

I think maybe the B-12 shots are actually working ..

*** *** ***

I have been feeling pretty upbeat the past few

days and even have some energy.


So far today , I have done a load of laundry ,

loaded the dishwasher, HAND WASHED a sink

full of stuff that cannot go in the dishwasher.

I have also found the top of my beading / craft

table .. O M G !!! I have not seen that since

last November. Also sorted and tagged

some Christmas gifts and even put a note

in the computer so I will know where they are when

it is time to box and wrap them . OMG !!

What a concept !!!! And for the finale ""

I cleaned the guest bathroom.


I wonder if I can get the doctor to okay the shots once

a week forever ??? I have not felt this good in

probably 6 years ..

I have had the shots 5 days in a row -- Now

I am down to once a week. We will see

if the energy level stays up.


In case you are wondering , he started me on

the shots due to anemia. (again)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gonna do it

I am scheduled to have knee replacement
surgery on August 26th
Arkansas Surgical Hospital
in North Little Rock.
I will be in the hospital approximately
3 days
then 8 to 10 weeks of P.T.
I have been avoiding having this done
just because I did not want to ever be in a
hospital again. I am now ready to do this . It has
taken a long time and a lot of days and night in pain
for me to be ready for this .

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More humor ( 2 year old humor)

Jack calls the item on his head
His HO HO HAT ( As in Santa Claus)

Mom, I'm getting tired of you and that camera


Jack, Don't get in the pool !!!

WHAT ????

I Did NOT get in the pool.

I am only wet from the neck to the waist.

I was leaning over the side of the pool to get my

golf balls ,Okay ,here is what happened, the wind

was really blowing, and it made this huge wave

in the pool and it blew water all over my shirt.

I DID NOT get in the pool !!!


See the ouchie on my head ??

I ran into a table at Ralph's house

Monday, June 09, 2008


JUNE 2008- 1st day at Gymboree

Me and Dad at Gymboree school.

Mom was there to -- taking pictures


Dad & Mom say I am very good at this .. Give me a couple

of weeks and I will be waaaay better


I love this place !!! Mom

thanks for finding this palce for ME !!!


I get to run, climb, flip, and be a boy

(I think Dad likes this place tooo)


If he would let go of me-- Jeez, I been

practicing for 3 minuets now .

It's a bird , It's a plane



We had to find the hidden
bananas to feed to the monkey.
That was a fun game too


Let me go--

I have more tumbling to do ..


This will build my muscles ..

and attract the chicks .


Hi Monkey


I got this monkey eating outta my hand


WOW-- She must use Gazilion bubbles Yep, these are the same kind of bubbles that I have

at Maa & Pa's in Arkansas


(keep scrolling)

June 2008
It is very hot in Texas!! Sometimes my mom & dad
let me go swimming 2 times in ONE DAY !!!


See the snakes in the pool with me ???

The End

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Okay , so it took longer than I thought to get back to

this .. Deal with it ..

I am FINALLY wearing real shoes again ..

I go back to the foot doctor on the

17th and hopefully I can put the cam walker into the

bag of torture devices.. I figure if I save them ,

I will never need them again

Tom is at the farm this morning ..
It a GUY'S Day 4 wheeler ride.
Fine with me -- It's to freaking hot to
be out there.


Nick and Melissa came over Friday night.
He has been home on leave before
shipping out to Iraq..

It was good to see him..

Please keep him in your prayers and
let him return home soon.

Now for the fun stuff,

More pictures of Jack...


PA !! It's my turn !!!


Do we need the ladder for this one ????


I'll just keep making noise .....

I just need to kick back after working
on that truck all day. I'll just have a drink
and wait for my buddy Ralph to show up.

This my friend Ralph and his Mom, Risa.
She is from Japan. It must be far far to Japan
because they don't go there very much. So I let Ralph
share my Maa & Pa ( sometimes)

My version of dodge ball.
Look at him run !!!!

No, you get out first

My first Oreo and milk dunking lesson.

They don't float very long ...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May 2008

Maa & Pa came to Texas for my mom's birthday
You got it --
they sang the "Cake song"
* * * * *

After they had been there a while , Pa went out side
and came back with


THIS !!!!!!

That's right !! My very own personal

Pa's Truck !!!

Did you notice??
I am wearing my "Pa Shirt "
Pa had to teach me all about the truck and he should know
because Maa said he put it together

* * * * *

Now I am teaching others about

my "Pa Truck !!"

My truck has lights and a siren

It is very very loud ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
You are NOT going to believe this

It Shoots water --

Just like a real Pa's Truck < < < < < > > > > > >

You better get out of my way

or you WILL get wet !!!

We have more pictures and they will be posted later tonight

or maybe tomorrow


Serena had a very nice birthday, good dinner ,

friends over to share laughs and beers .

As usual it was hard to leave , but we had to get back home.

Happy Birthday Serena Bear