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Monday, January 22, 2007

Jack 's Birthday Cake

Yep, I am almost ONE !!
My REAL birthday is January 24th
but we had a party early so my Daddy would not miss the fun.
This was before the cake ..
See the nice birthday hat that
the birthday fairy left!!
( I think my Mom bought it )

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It has been raining for 2 days and I feel like crap ..
I have not been out of the house since Friday
and it is getting to me. I am tired of beading and
with the damn weather related headache it makes
reading almost impossible.
I have been dieting and I am going thru sugar withdrawal..
Not a pretty site !!
Right now I would settle for McDonalds and milk chocolate
anything,and we all know that I hate mystery meat, and I
despise milk chocolate.
Serena & Tom have been watching football,
I have been 1/2 assed watching. Just can't seem to
get interestedright now.
Maybe it is because it is raining , I am starving ,
my hair is red( supposed to be brown)
and I am BORED !!!
I Just took some pictures of Jack with his new
treasure , so keep on scrolling and reading

My Fort !!

What is going on in MY ROOM

My Grandpa built me a FORT today !!!!


Ahhhh... a man, his castle

and his juice

It doesn't get any better than having your own place

Time to chase you people outta here..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year -2007

Happy New Year!!
This promises to be a very exciting year for me .
I am learning to walk !

Yes, I know my suit is a little to big-

But Daddy could not wait for me to wear it ...

Bye -Bye

Gotta go now !!

Now a few words from my Grandma..

Finally, I get to speak,

I just want to wish a very


My resolution for this year is to lose weight.

I am hoping that I do not lose sight

of my goal and that I will not be tempted

by cheesecake or pizza or

SUGAR !!!!

Do a me big favor-- Do not ask me how it is going !!

I don't need any extra stress

Giving up Coke is going to be stressful enough.

The holidays have been great, but I am glad they

are over for another year.

I will be posting all of the pictures that I received of

kids and grandkids that I have received

in Christmas Cards and letters.

If you do not want your posted--

let me know asap..

More later.