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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Home From Daytona Beach

Grandma & Grandpa are home
from Daytona Beach, Florida
I don't know why they told me about Florida,
They got me a cool baseball cap just like
Daddy & Grandpa wear..
Now I AM one of the "Big Guys !!!
Grandpa was talking about what a rough week it was.
They had to go all the way to the 15th floor
and he said they had to listen to the ocean
day & night.

Here is a picture that Grandma took from

the room they slept in.

Here are a couple more
that Grandma took.

The clock tower was right in front of the hotel.

Grandma was not complaining.

She is ready to go back if I will

go with her .


The weather was great the day we arrived90 and sunny. So we walked on the beach and just acted like tourists.

While Tom was in classes I did some wandering around.

Went to the outlet mall in St. Augustine

found nothing that thrilled me ,so

I was off in search of a bead shop.

Found that - once again disappointment. Oh well, back

to the hotel to get my book and then down to the beach.

Had some really windy days , but I love the sounds and

smell of the ocean, so I ignored them and and did a bunch of

people watching or reading. Water was a little to cold for me.

Dining in the Dayton Beach Area

We of course tried Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

I don't think we will do that again. The food

was so so- prices were high.


We also went to a place called Barnacles;

Excellent salad bar- all you can eat crab legs for $20

Service was excellent


On one night we went to

the Charlie Horse. The parking lot was full

so we figured it must be good- W R O N G !!!!

I think it was a horse name Charlie that they cooked.

The hostess was surly, the waitress was

ummm ahhh never mind. Lets just sum it up this

way we saw her when she finally took our order

and then when she delivered the bill.

Refills- I think not !!


Loved the hotel, the room and the trip.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Arkansas State Fair

Today was a BIG day for me ..
My Daddy was home and my Grandpa took a day off work
and we all went to the State Fair.
Daddy & Grandpa were eating and eating
something called corndogs..
So when Mom and Dad went on a ride without me ,
Grandma fed me corndog and I liked it a bunch!!
You know what, I saw a lot of animals I never ever
saw before and I even got to pet them !!
Some of them were pretty and others were
pretty stinky!!!

You know what-- hey listen to me -- you know what ???

I rode on my 1st ever carnival ride. Me and Dad & Mom

rode the ferris wheel. It went way up in the air and I was not scared.

Mom got scared because there were buzzing bees up at the top.

She is such a girl !!


Waaahoooo , look at me !!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16,2006

It is raining today and I feel like a caged convict
I can't go for a walk or sit on the
patio and watch the squirrels or look
at the pretty colored leaves.
{{Keep scrolling}}
11:30 a.m.
I'm not Convict !!!
I feel like a caged criminal
I am innocent I tell you..
I'm gettin' outta here
They have not built the cage that can
hold me .

Monday, October 09, 2006

Finally Finished !!!

It is FINALLY done !!
This is the bracelet I started
making over a week ago. I took a class at
Kittie's Kreations in Sherwood
and have been working on this thing since then.
Now that it is done, I know what NOT to do the next time..
Yes, I am going to try it again.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Saturday

Maybe I will have to post this on the blog so people will know
why I am moving slower than usual
Jeez- How much slower can I get.

Let me tell you how my ribs feel .. Yes, my ribs, In my usual graceful and
intellectual style, I leaned over to get the yellow pages off of the floor
and the )$&*$^@ computer desk chair decided my ass was to big and threw
me on the floor .. Landing with my usual grace.. I clipped the 2nd chair in the
computer room, with my ribs..
Now they are shades of Walt Disney Throw -Up..
Purple, yellow, green,
black, brown and a strange hint of maroon.
All my years of dance lessons have not served me well.
Now For the Rest Of The Story
On Saturday I was scheduled to take a beading class.
When I did my chair "SWAN DIVE" Serena was quite upset,
wanting to call an ambulance and call Tom home from Wooster.
NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!!
I am fine, help me get up.. Please stand on the 2nd
chair so I can use it to get myself up off of the floor.
Finally , I get up and start getting my things ready for
the class. Serena is NOT thrilled that I am still planning on going.
I did not hit my head or land on my arm, why not go ???
About 45 min into the class, Kitties (the shop owner) peeks
put of her office and yells, "Is Linda Cross Here?""
Well, Yes, I am !!!
Now she sheepishly informs me that she has just called my house and
asked for me .. Serena informed her that I was SUPPOSED to be at
the bead shop for a class. Picture Serena very upset !!!
I told Kittie what had happened earlier, and she decided
she better call Serena back. I ask her to let Serena know that
I am fine, sitting upright and still consious. I should not be so flip about
this because I know she is really concerned. But we all know I have
a very warped sense of self.
Serena did not see the humor in it-- I think after the 1st call from
Kittie , she was ready to call out a search party .
Needless to say, I am fine, Serena has settled down and has
forgiven me for not taking her worrying seriously.
I am slow but I am still pretty tough..
Love ya Serena!!!! (from Ma)
When I'm old, I don't want them to say of me "She's so charming".
I want them to say "Be careful, I think she's armed."

Guy Stuff

Me and Grandpa Tom were doing guy stuff in the back
yard yesterday.The sun was shining and the weather
was warm-- NOT HOT !
Grandpa let me touch leaves and tree bark
and showed me a lot of cool things about being outside.
I wish my Daddy was here, but I will show him all of this
when he comes home on Wednesday.
Grandpa picked up a limb with dead leaves on it
and it made the funniest noise.. I was laughing
so hard I had laughing tears !!

This backyard stuff is fun .. I can't wait to go to Wooster

I'm not sure what a Wooster is , But I think I am going

to have a lot of fun there !!!


My Nona in California sent me this coooool chair..
I can drive all over the house now !!
Daddy was not home, so Grandpa Tom put it together
and then adjusted it so it was just my size !!
Mom, get out of my way..
I am a BIG BOY and I have
many new things to inspect without you.
It doesn't mean I love you less,
it just means