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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

1st hair cut and other stuff

Another "fun" day.

We had bubbles in the house and I am working

on saying "bubbles". Mom & grandma understand it,

but I don't think other people do yet. I'll keep practicing.

Mom needs to learn to share!

I wanted to play with HER dominos and

she kept blocking me .

Can you believe how stingy she is ??

Why are Grandma & Granpa laughing

so hard.

Grandpa shares his dominos with me

March 27,2007

Daddy is home from work so him

and Mom said it is time for a hair cut.

What's a hair cut???

Look at this cool firetruck!!

Just like the ones at Grandpa's work !!

This is FUN !!!

Hey, she's really good at this stuff..

Can you believe it--

a fire truck and a movie !!!

What a deal....

I'm loving this truck.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Me and Mom & Grandpa & Grandma
went to the Cheescake Factory. Dad was
working. I ate my lunch then it was
time for dessert. As you can tell we chose the
CHOCOLATE fudge pecan turtle cheesecake.
Y U M !!!
Double Yum !!!
Do you think I should order another slice?

Lunch is over and we were going to Pottery Barn

for kids, when this horse came walking right

down the middle of the street! The lady let

us pet the horse. He was BIG !!

Here is the chair that Mom got for me - she said it

was time because I have had to sit on people. I sat on their

heads, belly, legs or neck .

That's it for now...

Thursday March 22

I love my Grandpa Tom
This came in the mail for ME !!!
I got mail- me JACK
I don't know what it is
Mom & Grandpa are putting it
together and I am helping !!!
Yep, I am still working on the
assembling of my mail.
O M G !! It is a FORT !!
Grandma & Grandpa had this mailed to me
at my house. They said it is an
"EASTER GIFT"Look at this , it has a tunnel too
See me crawling thru my tunnel
Mom & Me sharing my fort,

We are playing a lot and having a great time .
Look at me ,
chillin in my FORT !!!

Time to come out for an ice cream break

Wait until you see what we did on Friday !!!

More Later....

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wednesday March 21

My mom went to training and I stayed home with
Dad, Grandpa & Grandma.. Yes they came all the
way to Texas to see me !!!
I am sooooooooo bored
To cure the boredom, we went to the park .
That is me and Daddy on the slide.
Grandpa is making sure we don't fly off
the end.

I wanted to do this slide by myself

This is the funnest tunnel of all !!!


I had to show Grandpa how to

get thru the sandbox

Check back later for more park

pictures. We did a lot of other

things tooand I am SURE that

Grandma has pictures of all of it .

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rainy Day Draining event

Tom is doing good today except for the
drain which needs to be removed.
I could remove it it need be - but knowing
how painful it is , I really did not want to be
the one to do it. He called Chief McCall and
the Chief said it would be no problem . Since
Tom wanted the drain removed NOW- he asked if
he could come to Central, and again the
Chief said " no problem."
Tom got dressed and I drove him down there-- Yes,
he had a pain killer before we left the house.
When we get to Central, we are directed to the
conference room , only to be greeted by
the Chief, Mark W., Alan T., Billy S.,
Kevin B. and Cindy.(She left the room
before the procedure began)OMG-- I forgot
that Roger was there also ..
The conference table was draped for surgery ,
The Patient
The Procedure begins
and continues
FINALLY - the drain is OUT!!
What a relief !!!
I just want to thank all that were involved !!
It was good for Tom(and me ) to know
that the Fire Department is there for him.
Comic relief is ALWAYS welcome !!!
Special thanks to Kevin for making
the trip to bring Tom the "cooler"
It is working GREAT !!!


We are really lucky to be involved with a

great bunch of people , no matter

how bizarre they are on some days ..

((only kidding ))


Thanks AGAIN !!!!


Linda & Tom Cross

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Warm weather

It's official - warm weather is here.
I mowed the front yard today and "tried" to
trim some of the bushes..
I think that will be a
Tom job.
Okay, let's discuss the diet,
as I sit here drinking yet another "shake" .
No not a milk shake-- still no dairy products.
Last week when I went to Fat School-
they always ask-- did you cheat.
Hello- I was in Texas - great Mexican food
Hell yes, I cheated. and still managed to lose
1.9#. Then One of the doctors asked if I have
tried his recipe in the food supplement
recipe book.
I asked him- Was yours the eraser, the sponge
or the slime.
He did not respond.
These damn people have no sense of humor.
My talents are truly wasted here.......
The good news is -- I tried on a pair of pants that
I wore 3 years ago, and they FIT !!
I have actually thrown away 3 "bigger"
t-shirts, because I am not going to need that
size ever again. I need to lose another
1# 8 oz and then I am going to go have
my hair cut and highlighted..
A treat for hitting the 25# weight loss.
After the next 25# it will be
new clothes, because by then I will need them.
Tom is having knee surgery Tuesday morning.
I will keep you posted on his progress.
We are hoping to go to Texas for a while ,
before he starts physical therapy.
Yes, we both need a Jack fix..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photos from 2/27 thru 3/5

Grandma says I look cute in my traveling clothes...
What is all of the "moving" talk
I'm not sure what moving is
but I don't think I'm going to like it

Grandpa Tom receiving a "special" award

from Chief McCall


ME, Jack with my new ducks

in my new house


Grandma & Grandpa

brought the ducks when they came to visit.

I thought they were staying forever,

not visiting...

Mommy and Daddy's new bath tub.

This could turn out to be a